Mary Jo Rathgeb has helped numerous other women face their deepest fears in stepping out of unhappiness and into joy and freedom. Sometimes the pain is only enough to get you to question your work or career and sometimes it's enough you are left with a deep pain in your heart. No matter what the pain, it's a signal that your deep inner 'mojo' is calling you to start the journey to meet your inner hero.


Mary Jo has walked this journey and will take you through a guided process to discover your hero and meet your archetypes. Your archetypes run what you do and how you do it and the sooner you discover them, the sooner you will be able to work with them to create the magical story we all want in our lives. 

Mary Jo Rathgeb is a Career Change Expert, a Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner. Her passion is to help women transition from where they are in their career to where they want to be in their life and to do this she has created a program that will guide a person at any stage of their journey. 


Mary Jo offers Human Design Readings which allows individuals to identify their right pathway, which is the perfect way to start the 'Mojo Journey Program'. This program allows individuals who have just started thinking about change, to people who have made their career change and then others who are wanting to make sure their offering and message is authentic and powerful.


Mary Jo was widowed at 43, therefore her own personal journey shows that she understands firsthand what it is like to undergo a major transition in midlife. In addition, she experienced a job loss at age 52 and chose to make a career change at that time. She now combines a lifetime of experiences, from education and employment to skills and talents to help other women make career choices based on their tuning into their own inner guidance. Her early career started with a BA in English Literature and an MS in Counselling and she engaged in a 30-year career in Media Marketing. Mary Jo pursued her interests in classic literature, Jungian psychology, the hero’s journey, energy, grief and loss, and integrating Shadow and Light parts of ourselves. She sees the importance of balancing the polarities of joy and grief, fun and dis-ease, light and dark so that one can be fully alive and present in the moment.


Mary Jo lives in Vermont with her partner and furry, four-legged child. They enjoy walks in nature, exploring the countryside, and cooking with food from local farmers’ markets.

Mary Jo Coaching | info@maryjocoaching.com

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