Human design experience:

As an "assessment enthusiast", I experienced a lot of frustration when it came to trying to understand Human Design and how it could help me in my life. I did a lot of research and studying but felt like I could never "get a handle on it". Rightfully so, as Human Design is an extremely complex system! Enter, Mary Jo. In a few sentences, she was able to give me a sense of understanding of the system that I was never able to achieve on my own even after all my research. I knew instantly I had to book a reading with her.


The reading was extremely well planned out and I was able to get all of my questions answered. I also learned some things about myself that I didn't even realize were causing so much pressure and frustration for me and ways to navigate that to live a much happier and more fulfilled life.


My biggest learning was about what makes me a Manifesting Generator and what makes my partner a Reflector. Knowledge of Human Design has greatly enhanced our relationship, our creativity, and vitality both as a partnership and as individuals. I highly recommend doing a reading with Mary Jo! Get ready for a feeling of peace and freedom in areas you never thought possible!

Amelia Fortes, Self-Love Empowerment Coach


I loved working with Mary Jo! Her enthusiasm and knowledge of Human Design was impressive. She took her time and explained the huge amount of information offered in a clear, concise and positive way which made me feel unique and amazing. The biggest shift I experienced from this reading is feeling a sense of confidence that can only come from a deep knowing, a sense of "coming home" to who I am, entering into my own personal power and feeling good about it. She accomplished this, simply by connecting the dots for me about what is the best way for me to make decisions that are right for me.


She has a special talent for framing in the information so that you can see what the positives and negatives of my personality that is productive and informative, but stayed focused on how to reach the best of myself. Not only would I recommend her, I have already signed up to have my family's charts read, so that I can better understand their strengths, potential fears, and how to better communicate and interact with them. Mary Jo is a talented interpreter of sacred information and I'm grateful to have had the privilege of learning more about myself from her.


Christine Dostie, Canada

What was the experience like working with Mary Jo?

Mary Jo was a joy to work with. Mary Jo has a very calming way about her, and a unique ability to break down a problem step by step and get to the core of your true feelings and listening to what is truly in your heart

What was the biggest learning or shift you received? 

Quieting the voices in my head of what I "should" be doing with my life and tuning into the things that truly make me happy in life. It was uncomfortable and scary at times but once we got there it was just as it was meant to be.

If you had to describe her speciality in what she does,

what would you say? 

Mary Jo was extremely helpful in helping me get out of my own head and trying to figure out what kind of changes I needed to make to be the most happy. Because in the end happiness is what it’s all about!

Why would you recommend her to others?

Mary Jo has a way about her that is both patient and stimulating, a unique combination that allowed for me to get to the root of what needed to change in my life effectively. Not to mention she is a kind a thoughtful person, and always made me feel at ease.



What was the experience like working with Mary Jo?

Working with Mary Jo has been a tremendously rewarding experience.  She has been consistently able to listen and respond in a way that left me feeling "heard" in a way that was so deep and satisfying that it was almost a result in it's own respect. 

She showed great skill at identifying and challenging unproductive thought patterns while simultaneously creating a safe container to hold and explore their underpinnings in a way that felt supportive and compassionate.

Mary Jo's ability to seamlessly integrate humor, pragmatism and insight makes her extremely easy to talk to.  Her approach to reframing the different challenges we face in life always left me with a sense of optimism and opportunity- that real and lasting change was not just possible but imminent.


Cathy, NY

What was the experience like working with Mary Jo?

As I endeavored to market my coaching business ideas and build my own website I thought, I needed a coach. So I engaged Mary Jo, who is a Marketing expert and Web Content Developer, to assist me. I was happy I did, she guided me and championed all

my efforts. She was entirely open minded when I shared my ideas and plans. Mary Jo would always be ready to share related resources. She assisted me with building an impressive biography using my experiences that I shared with her. 

Working with Mary Jo gave me the courage to get out of my comfort zone, though I was preparing content and photographs for my website I was still thinking of getting an expert to put it all together.

Mary Jo encouraged me, challenged me and kept me engaged with my web project to date of launch.

With a full-time job, in addition to coaching I really needed someone to hold me accountable, so I anxiously await each coaching session with Mary Jo. Mary Jo is intuitive, extremely patient, she has an eye for detail and very open-minded. When I launched my Website I really saw it as authentically mine. Thank you very much Mary Jo!


Andrew Edwards CPC, ELI-MP
Inner Image Professional Coaching, Bahamas.

What was the experience like working with Mary Jo?

The experience of working with Mary Jo was unnerving at the start as this endeavor was all new to me, however it did not take Mary Jo long to put me at ease. She quickly helped me hone in on a lifelong goal and the means to achieve it through a series of questions and exercises. The biggest shift I received was the belief that my goal is achievable. Her specialty is listening, digesting what she heard and then translating her insights into meaningful and actionable information. If you are looking to uncover and understand what stands between you and your goals, Mary Jo is your answer.  Mary Jo is one of the most gifted counselors I have ever met. 


Lorraine Zaloom, Vermont

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